PRESIDENT Kit manos libres CB sin cambio de canal

PRESIDENT MM-100 PRESIDENT microfono manos libres

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PRESIDENT MM-100 Hands-free microphone with 6-pin connector for President radios
Meets the new law on Spanish Road Traffic
Microphone with omnidirectional electret capsule
Enables communication without using your hands


The microphone allows fixing it by the clip on your tie, jacket, sunshield or where you consider most appropriate.
Keeping the microphone away from open windows, wind noise will be avoided.

Control Unit

In the accessory bag, you will find two pieces of Velcro adhesive, two supports for clamps and two nylon clamps.
If it is more convenient to set the unit on a flat surface, use two pieces of Velcro sticking them as separate as possible on the back of it.
If on the contrary you prefer to fix it on the gear lever or other similar place, you will have to use the supplied supports and clamps. Proceed to remove the two screws holding the supports, and passing the four flanges through the appropriate holes to fix the set.


Pressing the green button the unit switches to reception status, staying in it until the change to transmission status.
During the reception status, the LED is off.
When pressing the red button, enable the equipment CB transmission, remaining there during one minute (1 '). After this time, the equipment automatically returns to reception status.
At any time you can suspend the transmission simply pressing the green reception button.
If before ending the minute, you press again on the red transmission button, the timer is reactivated.
During transmission try to keep your mouth close to the microphone for obtaining an optimal signal to noise ratio.


6-Pins Connector: President George / Grant / Harry / Henry / Herbert / Jackson / James / JFK / Jimmy / Johnny / Johnson / Lincoln / Taylor / Teddy / Tommy / Truman / Walker / William / Wilson

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