Professional Noise Cancelling Headsets 


Komunica professional helmet with Environmental Noise Cancellation

Flexible Boom microphone with noise cancellation of at least 20 dB

Incorporates an additional red PTT Pushbutton in the left atrium

Possibility of connecting a large round "In-Line" PTT via additional cable
(consult various options of our NC-PRO-CAB series)

Double earmuff with GEL pads for a perfect reduction of acoustic noise.

Reinforced and adjustable metal rear band for perfect support and stability depending on each user

Designed for use in especially noisy environments, such as airports, racing, industry, etc.. .

THIS ACCESSORY IS SUPPLIED WITHOUT CABLE (Please consult available versions)

Complementary Accessories:

 · NC-PRO-CAB - Curly cable with reinforced large PTT "In-Line", which allows its use even with gloves.
 · PTT-PRO-1 - Our cables NC-PRO-CAB-XXX incorporate a 2.5mm type connection, designed to connect an additional finger-type PTT adjustable by Velcro.

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